• “A real estate consulting firm providing both market insight and strategic advice”


    Brooke Husband is a real estate consulting firm which provides strategic advice to both public and private sector ​organisations in relation to all aspects of property ownership, development and occupation. The company is based in Hong Kong and was founded by Chris Brooke and Paul Husband, both of whom have been operating in the real estate sector in Asia Pacific for more than twenty-five years. Jasmine Wong is the Managing Director of the company and is responsible for all aspects of day to day operation and service delivery.



    The scope of services offered by Brooke Husband includes strategic advice, project positioning, demand analysis, feasibility reviews, owner representation, investment related due diligence and data analytics. The advice provided to clients is based upon both directly relevant experience as well as a thorough understanding of the major factors impacting upon the way in which real estate is built, owned, funded and occupied. It also takes into account key trends and drivers likely to impact upon real estate in the future, including political and economic development, demographic and societal change, sustainability and technology.


    The provision of advice to owners, developers and investors regarding the optimum strategy to be adopted in the light of anticipated future market conditions. This includes advice regarding real estate sectors, geographical markets and newly emerging investment opportunities arising as a result of changing political, economic, social and technological developments within the region.


    Input to developers in relation to the optimum positioning of a project in the light of both current and future market conditions. Such input would include advice regarding the potential impact of major changes in the real estate industry upon a project, as well as ways in which risks associated with such impacts could best be mitigated.


    The analysis of changing demand patterns within different sectors of the real estate market and advice regarding the implications of such changes upon future planning associated with development, investment and occupational strategies within Asia Pacific. This analysis could also be applied to individual portfolios or assets.


    The review of the financial and market feasibility of individual development projects in the light of key socio-economic drivers, future market trends and local factors impacting upon the likely demand for a project going forward.


    The provision of advice to owners in relation to the development or investment potential of individual assets and subsequent support and assistance in connection with the realization of the full potential and value of the asset involved.


    Assistance to investors in relation to the due diligence process associated with the acquisition of portfolios or individual assets, including market analysis, asset audits and the co-ordination of consultants and advisors if and as required.


    1. Strategic Advice

    Given the rapidly evolving business environment within Asia Pacific, real estate development and investment strategies increasingly need to be based upon fundamental economic, political and social drivers within individual countries. Brooke Husband works with the senior management of development and investment companies to assist them to identify key short, medium and long term trends which will impact upon future strategies relating to both property development and investment. Having identified these drivers and their implications, Brooke Husband then assists developers and investors to formulate and implement an appropriate strategy which will both optimize financial returns and mitigate against future risks.

    2. Development Consultancy

    Brooke Husband provides support to developers and investors in relation to the planning, design and implementation of development projects. During the planning and design phase of a project this support includes advice regarding the highest and best use of development sites, feasibility analysis, market demand assessments, as well as recommendations regarding project positioning and implementation strategy. As a project moves forward, these services can be extended to cover leasing and asset management strategies. Brooke Husband also provides advice in relation to the repositioning of existing assets to reflect current and future market conditions.

    3. Investment Advisory

    Brooke Husband assists investors with regard to both the acquisition and disposition of real estate assets.


    In terms of acquisition, the firm is focused upon the provision of due diligence services to potential buyers of real estate assets within the Asia Pacific region. These due diligence services include market entry studies, analysis of specific market opportunities, financial performance reviews of individual assets and operational audits. If required, Brooke Husband can also adopt the role of owner’s representative and co-ordinate inputs from the various consultants and advisors involved as part of any acquisition process.


    From an owner or investor perspective, the firm is also able to assist in the sourcing of buyers, strategic investors and co-investment partners.

  • TEAM

    The services provided by Brooke Husband are based upon the experience and expertise which has been developed by key team members during their long term careers within the real estate sector in Asia Pacific.

    Chris Brooke

    Chris Brooke


    Chris Brooke is a Chartered Surveyor with twenty-eight years of experience in the property industry. Having started his career in the United Kingdom in 1989, Chris relocated to Hong Kong in 1992, and spent the next ten years focusing upon consulting and advisory work in Greater China. In 2002, Chris moved to Beijing and during the following ten years held various senior management positions at CBRE, relating to both China and Asia. In 2013, Chris relocated to Hong Kong to take up a newly created role at CBRE which involved oversight of all of the consulting and advisory activities undertaken by CBRE throughout the Asia Pacific region. He held this position until he left CBRE at the end of 2015.


    Throughout his career, Chris has focused upon the provision of strategic advice and consulting services to developers, owners and occupiers of real estate. This has included advice relating to business strategy, individual development projects, joint ventures, investment opportunities and government policy. Whilst the primary coverage of this experience has been Hong Kong and China, Chris has also been involved in projects in India, South East Asia, Australia, Korea and Japan. The client base to which Chris has provided services is extremely varied and includes a wide range of developers, investors, and public sector organisations.


    As a result of this experience and client base, Chris has developed a very broad understanding of the key issues impacting upon the development, ownership and occupation of real estate throughout the Asia Pacific region. He is also well placed to convert this knowledge into practical advice focused upon business strategy, market drivers and the creation of added value in connection with development projects and investment opportunities.


    Paul Husband


    Paul Husband is the founder of Husband Retail Consulting and co-author of the book "The Cult of The Luxury Brand".


    Based in Hong Kong since 1985, Paul is a specialist in the Asian retail real estate market and has planned and leased over 60 retail projects in the region.


    Paul began his career with Swire Properties in 1988 as head of marketing for Pacific Place before launching Husband Retail Consulting in 1998.


    Husband Retail Consulting provides planning, marketing and leasing services to retail centre developers and owners in Asia and has worked in almost every Asian country. Recent projects and clients include planning and leasing of Shanghai Disney Resort’s Shanghai Village, Phase 2 Retail of Galaxy Macau, the world’s largest integrated resort and the forthcoming YOMA Landmark in Yangon, Myanmar.


    The company has been retail consultant to HongKong Land and its flagship Landmark retail centre in Hong Kong since 1998 and planned and leased India’s first international standard mall; DLF Emporio in New Delhi.


    The company has also acted as retail consultant to London’s Covent Garden since 2006 and in 2015 extended its operations to the Middle East, where it works for DIFC, Dubai Design District and clients in Abu Dhabi and Doha.

  • Jasmine Wong

    Jasmine Wong


    Jasmine Wong is a Chartered Surveyor and a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder, as well as possessing relevant SFC Licences for Type IV and Type IX activities. She has over fifteen years of experience in the real estate industry, with a wide range of expertise covering the development, investment and consulting sectors.


    Jasmine began her career as graduate trainee at Jones Lang LaSalle in 2002. Between 2004 and 2014, she held a variety of roles with investment management platforms including LaSalle Investment Management, Pamfleet, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Moonbridge Capital and Celona Capital where she was responsible for the acquisition and asset management of various investment properties, co-investment platforms and indirect investments throughout Asia Pacific and the US. In her most recent position as Head of Funds Management at Tan-EU Capital, she took a lead role in evaluating all investment-related matters and disposition activity associated with the funds, as well as overseeing reporting, governance, risk management and investor relations.


    With her background and experience, Jasmine has developed a very in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the investment cycle relating to a wide range of real estate sectors, involving both direct and indirect forms of investment. She is therefore well placed to provide advice in relation to investment drivers, market trends, asset acquisitions, underwriting, transaction structuring and due diligence. In addition, she is able to assist investors in relation to asset management, dispositions as well as capital flow management and investor relations.




    Chris Brooke


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    Paul Husband


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    Jasmine Wong


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